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Who we are

Conegliano Group represents an operative structure which includes Conegliano Serramenti S.r.l., Italian leader in the production of rolling shutters, folding gates and security gates, and Blackfire, an avant-guarde brand in the "firebreak" and "smoke protection" marketing system.

Conegliano Group can offer a wide range of products and services, Over the last years it gained experience in the doors and windows technologies for individuals and companies.
Our mission is heavily innovation-orientated, which we develop with a constant search for new materials and processing techniques, and with a proactive approach to customer needs and market.

"... in these last two years we have created new products, able to respond to the change of the request by the market.
We have created new patents for technological and avant-garde solutions, that allow us to establish ourselves against our competitors. We work in partnership with foreign companies, with whom we have signed strong partnerships to confront ourselves on the European market. All this because in our DNA there is the desire to build something to leave to our children"
Sandra Marcon AD


Mercor is Europen leader in the supply and production of systems related to passive fire protection. Its production network has developed in central and western Europe allowing the provision of a wide range of quality products guaranteed in accordance with the new regulations ISO 9001: 2000.
For more information, you can visit the site at Mercor: www.mercor.com.pl




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